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GM and Ford Plug into Tesla's Network: Evolution or Exploitation?
GM and Ford's recent partnership with Tesla to use its charging network could either accelerate the electrification drive, or simply extend the survival of traditional automakers in the rapidly evolving EV market.
By Staff | 5 months ago

How EV Incentives Impact Auto Stocks
The revised federal tax credits for electric vehicles, driven by new battery sourcing requirements, benefit U.S. automakers like Tesla, GM, Ford, and Stellantis while leaving Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, and Volkswagen at a disadvantage, potentially impacting their stock performance.
By Staff | 7 months ago

Ford Recall Issues is Affecting the Stock: A Look At Ford Recalls Since 2021
Vehicle recalls are not a symptom of a broader malaise in an automobile company.
By Precious Njoku | 1 year ago

Ford forecasts a 12% drop in U.S. sales this year
Ford says its U.S. sales are likely to sink by 12% in 2022.
By Khan | 1 year ago

Ford shares up 9.0% after splitting EV from ICE
Ford announced Model E, it's dedicated business unit for electric vehicles.
By Khan | 1 year ago

The EV sector is a Gold mine; Hold These Top 3 EV Stocks While The Market Corrects
This is the time to buy quality stocks at low prices.
By Precious Njoku | 1 year ago

This Week in Electric Vehicles: Deliveries slow in China, Tesla recalls
Tesla Hit With More Recalls, Still Gets Upgrade from JPMorgan.
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 year ago

This Week in Electric Vehicles: Tesla earnings, Nio's a bargain
Tesla saw an impressive 65% year over year growth in revenues which included a 71% rise in automotive revenues.
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 year ago

Tesla: Buy Before Earnings
But Tesla has not been the only EV stock that has been stuck in neutral this year.
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 year ago

Nio Comes to America and Ford Gets Digital
Nio is About to Get Aggressive and Ford announces that it has reached a five-year deal with fintech company Stripe.
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 year ago