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Powell's Unexpected Decision That Could Change Everything!
Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve are in the spotlight for their potential shift towards a predictive approach to interest rate decisions, sparking widespread speculation and debate among financial experts and the public.
By Alfonso | 5 months ago

Looking Back on the First Half of 2023: 5 Things to Note
In the first half of 2023, big tech's impressive return, potential AI bubble, uncertainties in the banking sector, a conflicting picture of the economy and stock market, and the possibility of a Spot Bitcoin ETF approval indicate an eventful and unpredictable market landscape.
By Mike Sakuraba | 11 months ago

Inflation Unraveled, a New Economic Normal
As the economy adjusts to a new normal with higher inflation rates and businesses leveraging their power to raise prices without consumer resistance, both consumers and policy makers must adapt their strategies to navigate the shifting landscape.
By Staff | 1 year ago

Disinflation Trend: A Reason for Optimism?
The ongoing disinflationary trend, marked by decreasing food and energy prices, offers a reason for optimism and should prompt the Federal Reserve to reconsider its rate hike strategy.
By Staff | 1 year ago

Reflecting on a Wild First Quarter of 2023
What is in Store for the Rest of 2023?
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 year ago

Rate Hike Riddle Unraveling Fed's Projections
The Federal Reserve's recent rate hike and projections have raised concerns about its ability to balance inflation-fighting measures and banking stability amid economic uncertainty.
By Staff | 1 year ago

Inflation Tango: Dancing Between Risks and Rewards
In the face of inflation, the economy performs a high-wire act, navigating the risks of financial instability while uncovering potential opportunities for a more secure future.
By Staff | 1 year ago

Fed's High-Stakes Gamble: Pause or Press On?
Amid market turbulence and inflation uncertainty, experts debate whether the Federal Reserve should pause rate hikes or stay the course to tackle persistent inflation.
By Staff | 1 year ago

Waller Warns: If Data Continues to be 'Too Hot,' Interest Rates May Rise
Federal Reserve Governor Chris Waller's recent speech emphasized the importance of data in guiding the Fed's policy decisions.
By Staff | 1 year ago

Tech Layoffs, A Red Flag for the Economy?
The tech industry is facing layoffs at companies such as Dao and 3M, indicating a potential economic downturn.
By Staff | 1 year ago