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2 Stocks to Load Up On During This Correction
Another volatile week for markets and investors are starting to feel a little uncomfortable.
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2 Stocks I'm Buying When Markets Pull Back
Here are 2 stocks I’m prepared to pull the trigger on as soon as the market pulls back.
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24 Assets to Invest in for 2024: Part 2
Uber's Brand Strength, Coupang's Market Dominance, and Ethereum's Mainstream Crypto Potential.
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2 Stocks I'm Buying Leaps For
Here are 2 stocks I’m considering buying leaps for to start 2024.
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2 Earnings Misses to Buy Now
Every quarter, there are always a few companies that are punished for their earnings.
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2 Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Next 20 Years
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New York's Minimum Wage Law Sends Shockwaves Through Gig Economy
Uber and DoorDash face significant operational challenges as New York City's new minimum wage law, tripling base pay for gig workers, threatens to disrupt their cost structures and impact their path to profitability.
By Staff | 11 months ago

Uber Technologies Inc. reveals a new reserve feature for U.S. customers
The company will roll out the new feature in over 20 United States cities in the initial phase.
By Staff | 3 years ago

What does Proposition 22 mean for Uber?
The passing of Proposition 22 sent the two stocks soaring and will benefit other companies in the gig economy like DoorDash and InstaCart which are both privately owned.
By Mike Sakuraba | 3 years ago

Uber appeals for its London license to be reinstated
The possibility of Uber’s return to London is also expected to face fierce opposition from the London Taxi Drivers’ Association.
By Khan | 3 years ago