LCID | Lucid Group, Inc.

2 Falling Knives to Avoid
Here are two stocks I think are falling knives that you should avoid. 
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2 Stocks To Avoid Even After Falling 60%
I am going to highlight two stocks to avoid for now.
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Lucid Group's electric dreams, A Saudi takeover in the works?
Lucid Group's shares jumped 43% on Friday following speculation that Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) may be looking to buy out the electric vehicle maker, which is already majority-owned by the PIF.
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Is Lucid (LCID) Back After Acquisition Rumors?
Is Lucid Getting Acquired?
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2 Stocks with Red Flags to Avoid in 2023
These two stocks stood out as companies with red flags
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Are Electric Vehicle Stocks Dead? Why It Might be Time to Start Buying
EV Demand Remains Despite a Looming Recession.
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Will These 2 Sub-$20 EV Stocks Rebound in 2023?
I have written a lot about Tesla and Nio in the past, so in this article, I’ll touch on two other EV makers that have caused some sleepless nights for investors.
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3 Under the Radar Earnings Reports for Next Week
Here are three more companies I am watching for next week.
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One EV Stock to Hold, Another to Dump Now
In this article, I will examine Nio and Lucid. two stocks within our buy range.
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Nio's Bold Move and is Rivian Near a Buy Point?
Nio has struggled with the ongoing chip shortage throughout the pandemic.
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