LCID | Lucid Group, Inc.

One EV Stock to Hold, Another to Dump Now
In this article, I will examine Nio and Lucid. two stocks within our buy range.
By Precious Njoku | 1 month ago

Nio's Bold Move and is Rivian Near a Buy Point?
Nio has struggled with the ongoing chip shortage throughout the pandemic.
By Mike Sakuraba | 5 months ago

Tesla is On FIre Again: Did You Miss the Bottom?
Tesla investors breathed a sigh of relief now that the long-awaited production plant is finally open.
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More Pain Ahead for Electric Vehicle Stocks: Why I'm Still Bullish
Well, I’m here to burst another EV bubble: electric vehicles aren’t the answer, yet.
By Mike Sakuraba | 6 months ago

What to Expect from Lucid and Rivian's Earnings
A look ahead into Lucid and Rivian's earnings.
By Mike Sakuraba | 7 months ago

This Week in Electric Vehicles: Tesla earnings, Nio's a bargain
Tesla saw an impressive 65% year over year growth in revenues which included a 71% rise in automotive revenues.
By Mike Sakuraba | 7 months ago

Why Nio is My Top EV Stock to Buy on this Dip
In times like this, investors simply need to keep their head straight and follow their investment theses.
By Mike Sakuraba | 7 months ago

Tesla: Buy Before Earnings
But Tesla has not been the only EV stock that has been stuck in neutral this year.
By Mike Sakuraba | 8 months ago

Nio Comes to America and Ford Gets Digital
Nio is About to Get Aggressive and Ford announces that it has reached a five-year deal with fintech company Stripe.
By Mike Sakuraba | 8 months ago

Will Lucid Make the Apple Car?
If Lucid were somehow able to get the Apple Car in its fleet that could change things.
By Mike Sakuraba | 8 months ago