INTC | Intel Corporation

The next trillion dollar company?
For a time, it seemed like stock splits had gone out of fashion.
By Mike Sakuraba | 6 months ago

Can an investor's letter turn Intel around?
There is nothing quite like being called out by one of your largest shareholders to send your stock price up nearly 5%, but that is exactly what happened with Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), the once industry leader in the microchip and semiconductor sector.
By Mike Sakuraba | 11 months ago

Intel says its new SuperFin technology will improve processor chip’s performance by up to 20%
Intel's next-generation 7-nm processor is likely to be delayed until 2022.
By Khan | 1 year ago

Intel Earnings: What To Expect?
What we can expect from Intel's earnings tomorrow.
By Amnah | 1 year ago