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Solar Stocks or EV Stocks? Which Am I Buying?
In a high-interest rate climate, both EV and solar stocks are underperforming, with major companies like Tesla and Enphase facing challenges, making neither an immediate attractive investment.
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 month ago

Is Rivian (RIVN) Stock a Lost Cause?
I still think Rivian has a nice chance to rebound from this week’s sell-off.
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 month ago

Is Rivian a Better Long-Term Investment Than Tesla?
What can Rivian do to make it a better investment from this point forward?
By Mike Sakuraba | 2 months ago

Is the UAW Strike Bullish for Tesla and Rivian?
What is in Store for Tesla and Rivian Stock?
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2 Stocks for a Volatile September
Here are two stocks to buy on some turbulent September trading.
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2 Non-Tesla EV Stocks to Watch
These are 2 stocks that will be solid investments for the long term.
By Mike Sakuraba | 4 months ago

Rivian Drives Past Obstacles, Accelerates Production
Rivian's impressive strides in production, overcoming supply chain challenges and expanding into new markets, position them as a frontrunner in the electric vehicle industry.
By Alfonso | 4 months ago

How EV Incentives Impact Auto Stocks
The revised federal tax credits for electric vehicles, driven by new battery sourcing requirements, benefit U.S. automakers like Tesla, GM, Ford, and Stellantis while leaving Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, and Volkswagen at a disadvantage, potentially impacting their stock performance.
By Staff | 7 months ago

Will These 2 Sub-$20 EV Stocks Rebound in 2023?
I have written a lot about Tesla and Nio in the past, so in this article, I’ll touch on two other EV makers that have caused some sleepless nights for investors.
By Mike Sakuraba | 11 months ago

Are Electric Vehicle Stocks Dead? Why It Might be Time to Start Buying
EV Demand Remains Despite a Looming Recession.
By Mike Sakuraba | 11 months ago