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3 Stocks Below $10 to Watch
Three stocks that should be on your watch list.
By Mike Sakuraba | 2 weeks ago

SoFi shares down 10% on $1.10 billion deal to buy Technisys
SoFi Technologies says it will buy privately held digital banking platform, Technisys, for $1.10 billion.
By Khan | 7 months ago

Is Fintech Dead? 3 Stocks I'm Buying Now
Let’s take a look at these three companies and why I’m adding all of them to my buy list. 
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SoFi Has its Bank Charter: Is it a Buy?
SoFi received approval for its bank charter which will allow the company to act as a bank.
By Mike Sakuraba | 8 months ago

2 Growth Stocks I Am Getting Close to Buying
Here are two stocks that I am getting really close to buying for my own portfolio.
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2 Stocks You Need to Upgrade Now
Let’s take a look at a couple companies that recently took another step in their growth stories.
By Mike Sakuraba | 11 months ago

2 Stocks for a Bearish Summer
We’ve heard the warnings for months now: a substantial bearish correction will hit the markets soon.
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 year ago