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Is Amazon Becoming a Wireless Provider?
Amazon could be in talks to provide wireless mobile services to Amazon Prime members in the United States.
By Mike Sakuraba | 2 days ago

Amazon's Ascent in the AI Era: An Unstoppable Force?
Amazon is set to transform our everyday experiences with AI-powered services, although it must navigate potential regulatory headwinds on its path to dominating the AI race.
By Staff | 2 weeks ago

What Did We Learn From Big Tech Earnings?
Final Thoughts on Big Tech Earnings.
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 month ago

The Titans of Tech: Are They Worth the Investment?
The tech giants Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta may be experiencing slower growth, but their strong pricing power, cost-cutting abilities, and resilience make them worthy investments in the current market.
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2 Under the Radar AI Stocks
Here are my picks for 2 AI stocks that are still flying under the radar. 
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 month ago

Amazon Eyes AMC: A Blockbuster Move in the Making
Amazon's rumored acquisition of AMC Theatres could potentially revitalize the struggling cinema industry, paving the way for a reimagined movie-going experience.
By Staff | 2 months ago

Behind the Curtain of Amazon's Unexpected Profit Crisis
Amazon's surprising profit decline sparks concern and curiosity among investors and industry experts alike.
By Staff | 2 months ago

Which Big Tech Company Am I Worried About for 2023?
All three of these tech behemoths reported some disappointing earnings numbers.
By Mike Sakuraba | 4 months ago

What to Expect from Big Tech Earnings Next Week
What to Watch For From Big Tech Companies
By Mike Sakuraba | 4 months ago

2 Growth Stocks to Buy in 2023
Some of our favourite stocks to hold for the long term!
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