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What does Upstart Holdings do?
If you haven’t heard of Upstart Holdings (NASDAQ:UPST) yet, don’t worry you’re not alone.
By Mike Sakuraba | 7 months ago

2 Earnings Calls You Can't Miss
Watch how the stock reacts to earnings and if it dips, now may be as good a time as ever to start a position in what may be the leader in the insurance industry for years to come. 
By Mike Sakuraba | 8 months ago

Have Investors Soured on Lemonade?
Lemonade has a long way to go, but if the stock dips too low based on all of this negativity, I would not be against starting a smaller position with a long-term outlook. 
By Mike Sakuraba | 1 year ago

Lemonade Inc. is expected to print $1.29 of loss per share in the fiscal second quarter
A recap of lemonade's performance since its initial public offering in July.
By Khan | 1 year ago