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Amazon launching smart grocery carts (+ video)
Amazon wants to bring the "just walk out" technology that powers its Amazon Go convenience stores to your local supermarket.

Amazon is launching smart grocery carts that will automatically track shoppers' items and allow customers to skip the checkout line. The Dash Cart will debut at Amazon's new Los Angeles area grocery store, which will open this year. This store isn't part of Whole Foods Market chain. 

Customers will have to scan a QR code in Amazon’s mobile app to shop with a Dash Cart, which uses cameras and sensors to detect the products placed inside it. For fruits and vegetables it is a manual process, the shopper would need to weigh the item and search the lookup code on the screen. Amazon says the Dash Cart is “specifically designed for small- to medium-sized grocery trips” and only fits two shopping bags.

Selling cashier-less store technology to other retailers will open new opportunities for the tech giant. See here the video on how the Dash cart works.

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2020-07-14 14:47

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