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Splunk transitions to subscription based model
Despite the overall drop in revenue, the company has increased its sales and marketing efforts by 15% to $966M. R&D budget was put on steroids and grew by 37% to $579.64M in 2020.
By Valdas S. | 2 years ago

The Coke will be just fine
In EMEA markets, the company saw a 16% drop in operating revenues. Emerging and developing markets performed better, compared to the developed markets, where the sales declined
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago

Rackspace bets on multi-cloud expertise
Despite the ongoing pandemic and the economic and operational challenges it continues to bring, Rackspace successfully managed to increase its revenue ($1,990.9 Billion 9 month in 2020 vs $1,811 Billion in 2019).
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago

Services saves the year for Dell
The profitability isn’t the only concern for the company in its products division. Its cash flow statement shows that for the first half of the year, net income has dropped from $4,561 billion in 2019 to only $1,281 billion in 2020.
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago

Mastercard- the early winner of the economic recovery
Despite lower revenues, the company managed to increase the overall number of its card ownerships by 118 million (5%).
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago

MongoDB - how to grow sales at any cost
For the investors, it is crucial to understand that the company is no longer a startup it was ten years ago. MongoDB is a listed company; however, its financials don’t reflect it at all.
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago

Why Microsoft may be the winner of the cloud wars
Today’s Microsoft continues to regain trust amongst technology professionals, as it embraces the open-source solutions and puts in substantial efforts developing new products and services.
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago

Upwork- the success story of the gig economy
Increased spending across all categories indicates the level of confidence the company’s leadership has, despite the ongoing pandemic and patchy recovery prospects.
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago

Adobe- the golden boy of the subscription model
Adobe’s focus on innovation is clear: even during the turbulent times, the company increased research and development spending to $1,630 Billion in 2020 vs 1,430 Billion in 2019.
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago

IBM show strong cloud performance but lags in other areas
IBM will require large capital expenditures on R&D if it wants to catch up with more significant market players, however relentless outsourcing at the helm of the previous CEO, Ginni Rometty, could have contributed to the decline of its once strong R&D culture.
By Valdas S. | 3 years ago