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Alfonso holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics. With his expertise in financial markets, he delivers insightful analysis and investment strategies. Off work, he enjoys playing soccer, combining his passion for sports with his financial acumen.

Tesla's Legal Challenges: Facing the Music on Autopilot Misrepresentation
Court ruling intensifies scrutiny on Tesla's self-driving claims.
By Alfonso | 1 week ago

Netflix's Ad-Supported Triumph: A New Era in Streaming
Surpassing 40 million users, Netflix’s ad-supported plan redefines the streaming landscape.
By Alfonso | 1 week ago

The Electric Vehicle Landscape: A Pragmatic Forecast
The future of EVs, with major players like Tesla, Ford, and GM at the helm, is marked by cautious optimism.
By Alfonso | 5 months ago

The Unstoppable Rise of NVIDIA: A Bold Bet in the AI Gold Rush
Beyond the Hype: Is NVIDIA's Growth Built to Last?
By Alfonso | 5 months ago

Powell's Unexpected Decision That Could Change Everything!
Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve are in the spotlight for their potential shift towards a predictive approach to interest rate decisions, sparking widespread speculation and debate among financial experts and the public.
By Alfonso | 5 months ago

Is AMD the New AI Overlord?
AMD, led by CEO Lisa Su, is boldly entering the AI market, challenging industry giants and potentially reshaping the tech landscape.
By Alfonso | 5 months ago

Nvidia: The Colossus Shaping the Future of Technology
Nvidia's meteoric rise from a gaming-focused company to a data-center colossus underscores its visionary prowess, though geopolitical dynamics with China loom as potential challenges.
By Alfonso | 8 months ago

AI's Game Changer: NVIDIA's GH200 is Here!
Unleashing The Future: A Look at NVIDIA's Groundbreaking Advancements.
By Alfonso | 9 months ago

The Battle of AI Titans: Google's Gemini Takes Aim at Microsoft's Chat GPT
Google's Gemini Program Unleashes Next-Level Advancements to Challenge Existing Paradigms.
By Alfonso | 9 months ago

In AI We Trust: Is Qualcomm the New Must?
Qualcomm is leveraging its processor prowess to stake a claim in the AI space, positioning itself as a potential investment hotspot with a focus beyond smartphones and into industries like automotive and enterprise solutions.
By Alfonso | 10 months ago